Nutritional Counciling


Your Palm Beach Gardens Nutritional Solution

At our office of cosmetic dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FL., we understand that every person is different and there is no singular treatment that will be effective for everyone’s particular requirements. This is why we offer personalized nutritional counseling so that we can focus on the individual needs of each patient. Our practice can offer you the chance to reclaim, improve, and maintain your overall health using nutritional, nutraceutical, and complimentary therapies.


Palm Beach Gardens cosmetic dentist, Dr. Damerau will use the extensive scientific experience he has obtained as well as your medical history to tailor your nutritional treatment to your needs. To get the best results, you may receive a general blood test, a MicroNutrient test, a Lipoprotein Particle Profile test, and other procedures depending on your specific case. In addition, pharmaceutical grade supplements can be acquired at a reduced cost for our patients of record.


Dr. Damerau is a board certified fellow of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Furthering his experience and knowledge base, he is earning his Certified Clinical Nutritionist Degree.




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